Give These Details When Requesting a Roadside Assistance

After A Car Breakdown, Give The Towing Service These Details  

When your car breaks down, you typically require roadside assistance right away. It’s simple to call a towing business if you already have their information saved in your phone, but you should first note the following details so you can be sure to receive prompt service.

Your Approximate Location

If you can provide the tow truck driver with a precise location of your breakdown, it will assist them in locating you more quickly. What if you need clarification on your location? We’ve all done it: started daydreaming while on the highway, and the next thing you know, you’re stranded with a flat tire.

It’s alright; if you can locate the closest milepost, your tow truck driver will most doubt be able to find you. Alternatively, you can report the last exit you recall using before your breakdown, and you will be sure to receive assistance quickly.

The Condition of Your Car

Operators of tow trucks respond to a wide range of emergencies. Quickly evaluate the condition of your car. Do you have no more gas? Are your tires flat? Or is it a bigger problem?

Any worrying signs of a larger issue, such as smoke coming from under the hood, should be reported to the tow operator. This suggests that an overheated engine was likely to blame for your breakdown.

Also, if you have hit an animal or object, or your car is stranded in a ditch or other precarious location, let the tow operator know so they can be sure to bring the appropriate recovery equipment.

Your Safety

Inform the tow driver right away if you feel insecure because your car broke down on a busy route or a narrow mountain road. To obtain immediate assistance, they can call the local police and provide them with your location. For the tow truck driver to securely put your car onto their rig, police can divert traffic.

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