Tips From a Local Roadside Assistance Company

Pull Your Car Out of a Ditch!  

There are many reasons why vehicles get stuck in a ditch. It could be a combination of oil spills, slippery roads, poor vision, low tire pressure, distracted driving, and harsh weather conditions. Overall, there are many causes why car winds up in ditches. While most consider calling a roadside assistance company immediately, you have several options to choose from, all to help ensure your safety, protect your car, and get you back on the road.

Alter Your Car’s Weight

Driving it out of the ditch might be possible if your vehicle was not damaged. Do this by altering your vehicle’s weight. Temporarily get rid of heavy items in the backseat or trunk, including passengers. Lighter weight can help your car out of a ditch. Also, remove the parking brake before driving out from the gutter.

Add Some Traction

Are you stuck on snow or mud? Your car is stuck because it lacks sufficient traction to grab the ground and propel itself out. Find some traction. If you have rear-wheel drive, place an object to provide traction behind the rear tires. Meanwhile, if you have front-wheel drive, put it in front of the front tires. Items that might work include cardboard and blankets.

Call Pros!

It is pointless to try repeatedly if your car is stuck. After a few attempts, if you are not successful, it is time to contact a roadside assistance towing company. Professional companies have the proper equipment to safely pull your vehicle out of a ditch. Most operate on a 24-hour basis and immediately respond to your location, particularly if they are local companies. Their rates are fair if you choose a reputable and experienced towing company.

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